Colorful Pens That Don't Bleed

12:46 AM

Welcome back my loves!!! In todays post you are going to find some of my favorite pens that don't bleed through my planner sheets. Both sets of these pens were purchased at my local Joann's Fabric store. I was hunting for a while for some cute colorful pens I could use in my planner without having them bleed through the sheets, since my planner inserts are double sided.

The first set of pens I have are from the brand Souffle, These pens are meant to be cute gel pens that come from Japan. They have very liquid-like ink, so you have to be patient and wait for it to dry before you can touch your paper, otherwise the ink will smear. Once you wait, it is well worth it, the colors are vibrant and pretty. I love using these to write because they are smooth. Below are some pen swatches.

Next I have some double ended pen/markers called LePlume II. These have a marker felt-like side, and a fine point side. The set comes in pastel colors and the markers don't bleed. I love using these to trace, draw, and doodle in my planner. below are some swatches and photos of these kawaii marker pens.

That concludes our time together today beauties! I am always on the hunt for new pens to use in my planner so leave me any suggestions you have below

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