My 2016 Planner | Large A5 Kikki-K Sky Blue Planner

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Hello my fellow planner addicts, Welcome to my blog! are all of you as excited as I am at this moment? Because I have been working, taking pictures, and jotting down ideas for this blog. When I heard my door bell ring and signed for my kikki-k order, it made everything even BETTER! What a better way to organize blog posts, youtube videos, and other daily events than with a gorgeous planner? I decided to get a new planner for this year, Kikki K planners have always been my favorite because of the leather, the pockets on the inside and just the overall nifty idea of having a wallet like planner around to keep everything together. Last year, I had a personal size Kikki K planner, however I struggled with room in the planner, this year I decided to get a Large planner to fit everything necessary. Oh, and before you continue, let me add this: KIKKI K HAS THE FASTEST SHIPPING EVER! I got my planner in 3 days from singapore!

Now, if you know me, you know I am a fan of the color pink.... pretty much to the point where everything I own is baby pink. A lot of you were shocked that I picked a blue planner but I honestly became obsessed with the color the more I looked at it. I feel it will go perfectly with all of the pastel stationary I have and my planner last year was pink, so why not change it up a bit?
When I picked my planner I was well aware of the inserts it came with, I was not bothered by them since I can design my own custom inserts for it. I actually designed them already and I will be printing them and inserting them into my planner tonight. I do have an etsy for printables if you would like to check it out, my shop name is planprettyprints.

As you can see above, the dividers for this planner are definitely not my choice of color, so I will also be customizing my dividers using scrapbooking paper from Michael's Craft Store. Now I know we are all picturing the gorgeous planner decorated by me, so do not worry! I will be making a post about the dividers I am going to make. Let me know in the comments if you have any ideas, inspiration, or tips for me! I love to hear your feedback and inspiration pictures are always useful :)
If you look below, the planner did come with some pre-made stickers, I actually think these are so cute! I will probably make use of them.

I actually really like the monthly view for this planner. It's clean and seems pretty easy to customize. I'm still debating wether I want to keep the monthly inserts or just make my own.

Well, that concludes the end of this post my loves! I hope you enjoyed this overview of the Kikki K Large Life Planner in Sky Blue. If you are interested in this planner, it was on sale for $48 last time I checked, however Kikki K sells out of these babies FAST! So if you find one in stock, you better snatch it! lol
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