Target Dollar Spot Gel Pens

9:59 PM

If you are a target dollar spot junkie as I am, you may have spotted if not own many of these adorable heart gel pens. I have collected these over the past year. They are super cute and best of all, one dollar!

although the multi colored pens looks bright and adorable, they are a bit deceiving. The ink inside of them is definitely not accurate to the color of the outside. You will see below the difference. You will also notice some of the pens write a bit too light to actually be able to read, so I would only recommend those for decorating your planner or notes. Sadly, my light pink pen would not write for the life of me! I tried everything.

They are one dollar so I cannot complain too much about them but I do wish the ink was a bit better quality since it does get stuck sometimes (due to them being roller ball pens). Before you go, here's an idea. Since the pens are so inexpensive (one dollar for three of them). Why not keep the pen bodies, and switch out the inks for better quality ones? eeeehhh? lol. I will be doing that with mine for sure!

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